About Testosterone

About Testosterone

You’ve been pushing through extra reps during your workouts, packing in the protein, and watching your diet, but you can’t seem to build muscle and you feel low on energy. Why is nothing going right? It may be time to ask your doctors if you could be suffering from low testosterone.

Fortunately, a variety of options exist for treating low testosterone. Read on to learn more about what testosterone is, why it is so important, why it may be low, and how our clinic in Port St. Lucie, Florida can help you feel strong and energetic again.

Testosterone – What Is It and Why Is It So Important?

Testosterone is created by the body in the testicles. It is quite possibly one of the important hormones in a man’s body. It is repsonsible for a variety of significant roles in a man’s body including:

  • The production of sperm
  • Helping to maintain healthy sperm
  • Maintaining muscle mass (a reason you may be pushing yourself as much as possible in the gym, but end up frustrated by lack of gains)
  • Growing body and facial hair
  • The production of red blood cells (these are crucial for carrying oxygen throughout the body)
  • Supporting muscle strength
  • Encouraging a strong sex drive
  • Supporting healthy fat distribution
  • Maintaining strong bones

Could You Have Low Testosterone?

After hitting about 30 years old, men tend to lose about 1 percent of their testosterone each year. This gradual decline adds up over time and can manifest into a variety of unwelcome effects.

Although getting older is a common cause of declining testosterone, other issues can also affect it. In a condition called hypogonadism, the testicles or pituitary gland fail to tell the body to create sufficient testosterone.

What Are the Symptoms of Low Testosterone?

Low testosterone can lead to a cascade of irritating, and even dangerous, concerns including:

  • A decrease in your ability to stay motivated
  • Trouble falling asleep or staying asleep
  • Trouble staying focused
  • Difficulties with sexual performance or desire
  • Increased body fat and unhealthy fat distribution
  • Weak bones
  • Issues with fertility
  • Depressed mood
  • A notable decrease in self confidence
  • A loss of muscle strength and mass

Restoring This Key Hormone

Doctors can design programs to help their patients rebuild their testosterone levels. This is known as testosterone replacement therapy and is offered in clinics like ours in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Hormone replacement therapy typically uses non-invasive options such as injections, pills, patches, and other methods to deliver testosterone to the body in an attempt to relieve symptoms.

Hormone replacement therapy, known as HRT for short, is designed to help adult males — and females, although not as often — raise their testosterone levels back to the healthy range.

Hormone Replacement Therapy – How Do I Know Which Option to Choose?

Restoring testosterone levels can be completed in a number of ways. At the Port St. Lucie clinic, doctors can help you design the most efficient, safe treatment plan. Option for hormone replacement therapy include:

  • Patches you wear directly on certain areas of your skin
  • Implants
  • Prescription pills that get ingested in order to help boost testosterone levels
  • Gels that get applied topically
  • Patches that get placed in the mouth
  • Injections (a doctor will perform your injections)

Are injections the best option? Are gels the safest route? Are skin patches most effective? If figuring out which therapy is best for you, don’t worry! Doctors are trained to help walk you through these confusing decisions.

Deciding on a Clinic

Feeling low on energy and motivation? Stressed? Depressed? Feeling weak? Now, you can use testosterone therapy such as injections or patches to help your body feel its best again. Contact us at the Port St. Lucie clinic today to schedule a consult with one of our doctors and take the first step in improving your health.